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October 20, 2017

You know your business. You know what makes your products and services run. You need someone who understands your products and services. You want someone that can influence others to buy your products and services. Every business, whether it is entirely online or has a physical location needs to be able to make themselves known to their target audience.

This is where influencer marketing strategy comes in. This type of marketing strategy utilizes experts that can promote your products and services and answer questions. Influencers primarily come from targeted groups that utilize or would be willing to utilize your products and services. It is important that you first establish your target audience before soliciting influencers.

It goes without saying that most influencers are discovered through the groups they follow and the audience they attract. A good influencer will attract people with like-minded sympathies and vocations. In other words, influencers provide a ready-made audience for your target audience.

successful influencer marketing strategy

First steps-Finding Your Spokesperson

You know one of the first tenants of a good influencer marketing strategy is finding that spokesperson. The spokesperson for your product could be anybody from a well-known celebrity to an expert in the field. You must determine how best your spokesperson will support the influencer marketing campaign. A spokesperson can only be effective when they are promoting something they believe in. Putting the wrong spokesperson in your influencer marketing platform will ruin your campaign.

Your spokesperson should:

  • Be able to articulate and explain the product or service to your audience.
  • Have an active audience that has an interest in your product or service.
  • Understand the solutions that your product or service will fix.
  • Be open to conversations about product or service.

An influencer marketing agency can do some of the settings for you. You can use an influencer marketing agency to screen potential spokespeople and get a feel for their previous work. (We're ready to lead you into the future of mobile marketing Contact Us Now!)

Second step-Monitoring and evaluating your spokesperson's performance

Influencer marketing is an ongoing process. The work doesn't stop when you've selected your spokesperson. This is the time when you monitor social media sites and get a feel for how the target market is reacting to the spokesperson's performance. You need to evaluate how the audience perceives your product and service based on the spokesperson's performance.

Monitoring should take place through the life cycle of the campaign. It is however especially important during this phase of your influencer marketing strategy plan. A good evaluation of your campaign is also a prudent step here. You need to:

  • Examine how many "hits" you are getting on your website
  • How many questions you are receiving about your product or service
  • How many purchases were made based on the campaign

This is the time when you can also evaluate the reach your spokesperson has with the targeted audience. This is also the time to make sure that the negative press is addressed. You want to be perceived as a person who responds readily to issues.

influencer marketing strategy template

Third step-Developing a Relationship with your spokesperson

It is prudent that you develop a good relationship with your spokesperson early on. You need him or her to influence others to buy your products and services. You also want to avoid any bad press by connecting with your spokesperson. You don't want your spokesperson to be "turned off" by your attitude. At the same time, you should expect your spokesperson to be honest with you.

The more you can share with him or her, the better the relationship will be. This means that your spokesperson needs to understand the product and service thoroughly. No one likes to be left out in the dark. It makes your spokesperson look bad and will ruin your company's reputation.

A good influencer marketing strategy takes into account that all parties have a need to know about the product and service before promoting it. It also takes into account that this could turn out to be a long-lasting relationship. When you start to develop an influencer relationship you need to understand that he or she has needs.

Fourth step-Long Term Goals and Needs to be met

It might not mean much when you first start a marketing campaign. You might even be thinking to yourself that this is only going to be a short-term project. It is important though to consider some long-term goals. Your influencer will possibly have a great impact on your business. He or she may even become an icon for the company.

Your influencer will have some needs that need to be met. You'll need to figure out how the campaign will pan out; how your results will be calculated and the end game. It is important when you are using influencers that you consider how they will be compensated for their work. You also need to consider timelines and goals to reach your long-term goals. Every campaign should have an end result that will figure into your product's impact on the market.

Fifth step-Creating the Perfect Customer Experience

Your ultimate goal in this type of strategy is to create the perfect customer experience. Influencers can direct people to these experiences and can help your company promote products they believe in. You need to create a good experience for your influencer.

Prevent audience duplication in your campaigns

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