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January 10, 2019

Stop for a second! Lift your head, take a look around you! What do you see? I bet you didn’t even notice that a moment ago, you were doing just like everyone else around you!

That’s true! You were looking down to your smartphone!

Now you get the idea of what this Blog post and infographic will be covering, especially if you’re into digital marketing in general and mobile marketing in precise.

If we throw it back to few years, the term “mobile friendly” didn’t exist. It was all about mobile responsiveness, until google announced a new algorithm which consisted of giving mobile friendly pages a higher ranking on searches. Hence, having a mobile friendly site became critical to convert traffic into customers and maintain high mobile search engine rankings.

Things haven’t just stopped there.

With the rising popularity of mobile searches, and the “near me” search queries, businesses had to leverage and adopt a totally new and challenging approach to their sites, called “mobile-first”. The mobile-first approach narrows down to what is most essential about a given brand’s message and content, which matters the most to the user, in order to create the best mobile user experience.

We have to highly take into consideration another growing search trend; the mobile Voice Search.  With Siri, Cortana, Amazon Alexa and Google voice search, important mobile SEO optimization implications are leading the market. In fact, voice searches are expected to account 50% of all online queries by 2020.

According to statistics, the future of SEO and digital marketing is increasingly focused on mobile. While in fact, the final purchase is moving to desktops most of the times as shown in the infographic below.

Therefore, it is really important for marketers to shape their businesses and optimize their digital campaigns for Mobile.

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