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December 26, 2014

The greatest pleasure someone could ever have is working on what he or she is really passionate about.

Fashion is my first passion since I’ve got know myself and my values in my life. What it makes me interested in fashion is not clothing, footwear, accessories and make up. I like the style and values that is expressed though what we wear and I like to dedicate my time and energy to have a role of its development.I think people should pay much more attention about the way they choose their wearing in daily bases. Not only we express our emotions and mindset through what we wear, but it also effects our self -image and our self-confidence. So ultimately our personality is defined by what demonstrate by our choices.

It was a common words among business people that employees were the biggest asset of the company.

But I don’t think so. People are coming into a company, working for some years and leaving despite all the trainings and experiences. But when we look at the great names like Cartier, Founded in 1847 by Louis-François Cartier, which is standing for super luxury products. We can easily get to this conclusion that a company solid asset is its brand, which survives even through centuries. So all the people involved need to work for in the most harmonic way.In 21 century fashion has become multi billion dollars industry and it makes sense for many kind of professions to come in to this business, trying to develop their skills and make great results. Tailors, models, photographers, designers, textile makers and etc. are all the main elements of fashion industry. Great results always are made when creative people are co-operating all together. I think, models are at the peak of this business. All the great works the others do like shooting or designing are all summed up in what models show on the stage.

I do believe Fashion is the heart of life, it motivates me to live with fulfillment.

Modeling And Business

Surely, the good clothes are mood shifting for every single individual in any region of the world. Everyone who comes out of the door at morning will make a better environment for his or her colleagues, classmates and friends. Welcoming life and make a better world.Vergine Khashaki - Model/Content Writer at Aragil

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