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June 18, 2016

Aragil reveals the hints for helping website owners in Armenia to use images in Web design properly.

It is hard to imagine a site on which there is no picture. Being an integral part of any website, images play an important role in attracting visitors and potential customers. There are many options for using images on the website, and your choice can significantly affect the opinion of users and their decision to make (or not make) a purchase.

Of course, the image is an epicenter of any website, because people are inherently visual. Creating a website or blog, we pay special attention to the content, design and SEO. The usage of integral images is inevitably connected with these three components.

Did you know that posts that contain images are opened more often and that readers are paying 51% more time than those in which there are no illustrations? The websites in Armenia are not the exception.

That's why today Aragil has compiled a list of the most popular trends in the use of images in Web design that will help you make the right choice.

Tips on Web design for website owners based in Armenia

Tips For Using Images in Web Design

Update image

No one dresses according to the fashion which was actual five years ago – the same principle is applied to images, change them. This should be done frequently if you have a blog, and if it's a site with static images, the "facelift" will be required from time to time.

Choose the appropriate image

Ask yourself what you want to communicate through the website and search for images that meet this idea and Web design. Don't sacrifice the integrity of the graphic concept for a random image that you like.

Place image to help the user when reading long text

To attract the eye to key or important section, put a vivid image. To fill the blanks, choose more neutral pictures.

Edit images

Using Photoshop or Gimp (a free program) can make an unforgettable image: cropping, size optimization, creating a mosaic... the only limit is your own imagination. Despite the fact that with the emergence of Instagram in our lives it's been a whole 4 years, its impact on the photo industry is slightly weakened. Slightly blurred, like a dream, or a vintage look image can be found on almost any website, and they look especially good as background images or in the header.

Use professional platform for the selection of images

Even usage of pictures with a Creative Commons license on platforms such as Flickr is risky: there is no quality control, you will have to spend a lot of time searching for the right image, and most importantly, it may cause problems with the law due to non-compliance with copyright. It is better to opt for platforms like Fotolia: 55% of their images are intended for use in the network.

Mount the image in the video

If you have a lot of images, you can combine them in the format that will be easily displayed. For this, there are intuitive programs, such as Flixtime, or Animoto, with which you will be able to do everything quickly.

Take care of SEO image

Posting the image on his website, don't forget to fill the fields "Title", ALT and "Description" ("Title", "Alternative text" and "Description" in WordPress) for images with relevant keywords. This will not only increase the number of hits but will cause a flow of visitors through SEO.

Beautiful infographics

Most people are looking for easy ways of learning the information, and your website visitors are no exception. In this case, infographics can help you. In recent years, infographics have become one of the important tools of Web design, and for good reason. The right combination of illustration and text description β€” one of the most successful ways to convey to the user information in the most understandable and easy-to-follow format. Even the most boring block of text and dry data may be attractive for talented incarnation in the infographic.


Experienced Internet users became tired of unrealistic stock photos long ago. Today such staged pictures, imitating reality with a tight smile from ear to ear, look pretty ridiculous. Modern users want to see pictures of real people and do the events familiar to them. Users can associate themselves with these photos, so they are able to inspire confidence (unlike the stock photos).

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